The time traveling map

This graph should make it easier to understand history and what is going on in general. You can see that there was a change in 2020 were the great conjunction switched to the element of air, you can see, that Pluto will enter Aquarius in 2024.
From a Human Design perspective we see that after 400 years the Cross of Planning will come to an end in 2026 which also marks the end of the long therm support for the 9 centered being (that is us). 2027 marks the beginning of a new 400 year cycle called the Cross of the sleeping Phoenix and introduces a new kind of human, the rave.

1579 – 2098 Pluto in signs, element activated by the great conjunction, HD global cycles and body type

The plutonic health development

The dark dry humor of Homo Sapiens

This graph shows the buildup of all kinds of sustained stress to human bodies and other living forms including earth itself. The red exclamation marks are used to sign developments we knew to be bad before introduced to basically everybody. Lots is missing like the industrial deforestation and other forms of planetary abuse, not to mention abuse done to humans, in particular to children.

Please note: Pluto has a retrograde movement and I had not the best ephemeris at hand.

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