Confucius and the old man

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About three thousand years ago, Confucius went to visit a village.
In a garden he saw an old gardener and his son pulling water out of a well. For the old man the work of drawing water out of a well was very difficult even with the help of his son. And the old man was very old. Confucius wondered if this old man did not know that bulls and horses were now being used to draw water out of the well. He was drawing it himself. He was using such old methods!
So Confucius went to the old man and said, “My friend! Don’t you know that there has been a new invention? People are drawing water out of wells with the help of horses and bulls. Why are you doing it yourself?”
The old man said, “Speak softly, speak softly! For me, it does not matter what you say but I am afraid my young son may hear you.”
Confucius asked, “What do you mean?”
The old man replied, “I know about these inventions, but all inventions like this take man away from labor. I do not want my son to become disconnected, because the day he becomes disconnected from labor, he will be disconnected from life itself.”

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