The 14. Dalai Lama on caring

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I feel that the moment you adopt a sense of caring for others, it brings you inner strength. Inner strength brings inner tranquility, greater self-confidence. Because of such attitudes, even when things going on around you seem hostile and negative, you can still sustain your peace of mind.

Evo- and revolution

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To me, one major obstacle in this global development towards peace is „revolution-thinking“ as a solution. Evolution would be the solution to me. The equilibrium is because it humans divide in you and me, I and you, outer and inner. A dire software bug of the human mind!
The solution would be to evolute! Difficult because it leads to some kind of a death experience. But, this death is just an metaphorical emotional experience during a process where the outcome cannot be known by the time it’s started. Guessed yes, but not known. I believe „evolutioning“ oneself will (is the only way) increase the chances of a common evolution.

The Bodhisattva

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is like the mightiest of warriors; but his enemies are not common foes of flesh and bone.
His fight is with the inner delusions, the afflictions of self-cherishing and ego grasping. Those most terrible of demons that catch living beings in the snare of confusion and cause them forever to wander in pain, frustration and sorrow.
His mission is to harm ignorance and delusion, never living beings. These he looks upon with kindness, patience and empathy.
Cherishing them like a mother cherishes her only child, he is the real hero, calmly facing any hardship in order to bring peace, happiness and liberation to the world.
The Thirteenth Dalai Lama

The 14th Dalai Lama on inner peace and joy

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…inner peace and joy not only benefits the individual who develops it; it also benefits the entire human community,…
In this sense, the inner state of the mind is much more important than external conditions.
Therefore it is essential that we ourselves know the means by which a state of inner peace is created and cultivated. Not only would this benefit us individually in a very immediate, practical and down-to-earth sense; but also in this era when there is so much social tension on the earth, when the nations of the world are themselves so intensely concerned with competition and with efforts to overpower one another-even at the threat of nuclear devastation – it is most urgent for us to try to develop spiritual wisdom. At present the world is not lacking in technological or industrial development.
What are we lacking ?
A basis for inner harmony and joy.
Were we to cultivate the gentle pleasures of a loving and compassionate mind inspired by wisdom, the result would be that we would continually experience peace and happiness, even when confronted by external hardships, and we would have a pacifying effect on our chaotic environment rather than merely being caught up in and perpetrating it.

On the other hand, when our mind is bereft of spiritual qualities and instead we are controlled by inner forces such as greed, jealousy, aggression, pride and so forth, then even the most positive external conditions will fail to bring any significant comfort to the mind.
Hence this inner peace and joy not only benefits the individual who develops it; it also benefits the entire human community, and by extension this entire world in which we live.

Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama

spiritual orchard

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The fruit of silence is prayer
The fruit of prayer is faith
The fruit of faith is love
The fruit of love is service
The fruit of service is peace
Mother Theresa

The way to peace

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There is no way to peace.
Peace is the way.
Mahatma Gandhi